Important update: Qik will be closing down on 30 April, 2014.
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21 Reasons Why You’ll Love Qik Get Started!

  • Record mobile video

    Record mobile video

    Capture those spontaneous moments with the one device you’ll never leave home without. Watch now

  • Look mom, no cords!

    Your video is automatically saved as you record. No more time-consuming manual uploads.

  • Better still, Go LIVE

    Better still, Go LIVE

    Want real-time viewers and interaction? You got it.

  • Interact in real-time

    Interact in real-time

    Chat with friends while they watch you stream live.

  • Keep it private

    Keep it private

    Make your videos private and share them only with specific people you want.

  • Share your location

    Share your location

    Choose to share your whereabouts (or not). Select from country, city, or street level location settings.

  • Share your videos

    Share your videos

    Send your Qiks via email to contacts in your address book, or to your favorite social networks.

  • Directly from your phone

    Update your friends when you are going live. Qik allows you to share your videos directly from your mobile phone!

  • Nifty video collection

    All videos are archived on your personal profile page for you to keep, re-watch, and share.

  • Sync with Facebook

    Sync with Facebook

    Qiks are posted to your Facebook wall, and automatically appear in your friend’s feed.

  • Think video Twitter

    Think video Twitter

    Use Twitter? Update your followers everytime you record!

  • Upload to YouTube

    Upload to YouTube

    Set up your Qik account to send your videos to YouTube without lifting a finger.

  • Watch from anywhere

    View your Qiks from your computer and mobile phone.

  • Record even when offline

    In areas of low network connectivity, Qik records your videos and uploads them when network coverage is available.

  • We love bloggers

    We love bloggers

    It’s a snap to connect Qik with Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, and more. Embed your videos anywhere!

  • We dig HD

    Have you seen high quality? We sometimes forget this was taken on a mobile phone.

  • We’re multilingual

    We’re multilingual

    You can now experience Qik in 19 languages, and many more to come.

  • We’ve got you covered

    Qik works on more than 140 phones, Get on our exclusive alpha tester list if your phone is not yet supported.

  • We’re always here to help

    Can’t find answers in our help site? Our Product Gurus are always happy to lend a hand! Send them an or follow them on twitter.