Important update: Qik will be closing down on 30 April, 2014.
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Mobile video capture and sharing — Qik Video

What is it?

  • Capture special or spontaneous moments on video using your mobile phone.

  • Share Qik videos live or later, with anyone at anytime.

Why use it?

  • It’s convenient. Interesting moments can happen anywhere. Your mobile phone is the one device that’s always with you.

  • It’s easy. Before you finish recording, your Qik videos are already saved to your online Video Gallery, ready for safe-keeping or sharing. Save up to 25 videos! What could be easier than that?

Who can you connect with?

Your friends, family and followers:

  • Share your mobile videos with everyone you know — one person, the whole family or on your favorite social networks, like Facebook®, Twitter™, YouTube™ and more.

  • Enjoy mobile video chat with anyone who uses Qik Video.

When can you share videos?

  • Live. Share your Qik videos live — right when you're recording.

  • Later. When friends and family aren't available to watch live, they can see your Qik videos later, when it's convenient.

How does Qik work?