Important update: Qik will be closing down on 30 April, 2014.
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Premium Campaign

You can use Qik premium for free for 1 year.

If you create a Qik account through preloaded Qik application on your Xi(LTE)devices, you can use Qik premium for free for 1 year. With DOCOMO LTE

(Xi) high speed network and Qik premium, please enjoy video communication.

Click here to download the application.

Campaign overview

Application period: Early October 2011(as scheduled) to March 31th 2012.

Who can apply
Those who purchased DOCOMO Xi devices in the below list.
*The supported devices are as above as of Feb 2012.
How to apply
By creating a Qik account through preloaded Qik application on the specific devices, you can use premium service for free.
Free period
For 1 year after creating an account. If you want to continue to use Qik premium after free period, you need to purchase it separately.

What is Qik

Qik is a video communication application that allows users to share videos, make video chat, send video message and save videos on cloud.

Video sharing

Share videos privately with family and friends, easy to share videos via social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

Video chat

High quality and stable video chat over Xi (LTE) network

Video message

Share precious moments with loved ones via video mail

Video archive and gallery

Save favorite videos on cloud.

What you can do with Qik premium

Qik premium offers many special functions and services. With Qik premium, you can enjoy video communication more with your friends and family.

  Qik video Qik premium
Monthly fee 0 JPY 4.99 USD, but free of charge due to the campaign.
Video message Only receiving Sending and receiving
Video storage 25 videos Unlimited
Video quality Up to VGA Up to HD*1
Qik desktop*2 Not available Available

*1 The quality of video chat is VGA.
*2 Qik desktop is what you install to your PC/Mac, you can organize and share videos easily.


Q&A related to the campaign

Questions Answers
How long can I use Qik premium for free? One year(365 days) after you created an account. I.e. if you create an account on Oct 1st 2011, your free campaign period is until Sep 30th 2012.
I've already used Qik. Can I apply the camaign? Yes you can. If you log-in from pre-installed application on supported devices, your account will be tagged as premium automatically.
After free premium campaign period, will I be charged automatically? No, you won't be charged automatically. If you want to continue to use Qik premium, you can purchase it on
I deleted a preloaded Qik application before create an account. How can I use Qik premium for free? If you want to use free Qik premium, you need to create a Qik account through a preloaded Qik application. You can download the preloaded Qik application on Android Market. Go to Android Market, search "Qik", and download "Qik Video on DOCOMO".
I'd like to continue to use Qik premium after free period, how can I do so? You can apply Qik premium Log-in, and go to settings.
After the free period finish, how is my video data that I uploaded going to be? Your video data will remain.


How to apply the campaign in detail.


Click an icon of “Qik Video for DOCOMO” preloaded on Xi devices to download an app itself, and start the app.


Click “Get Started” to create an account.


Fill in account name, password and email address, and click “GO”

If you create an account according to this process, you can use Qik premium for free for 365 days.


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